8 Best Gmail Email Templates Tools

Use templates from your Gmail inbox

It takes quite some Googling to research the different options to use email templates from Gmail, which is why we made this round-up.

Whether you’re looking to use them for sales together with a CRM, share them with your team, automatically personalize them, … we got you covered!

Here’s the top 8 email template solutions if you’re using Gmail (or Google Workspace).

1. Salesflare

Email templates integrated into your Gmail-based CRM
Team templates – Merge tags
Price: Included in Salesflare’s B2B sales CRM, fully integrated with Gmail

Salesflare's email templates for Gmail
Personal and shared email templates in Gmail AND in your CRM.

If you’re looking to share email templates with your team and a full integration with your CRM, look no further.

Salesflare‘s Gmail / Google Workspace integration is very extensive. It:

  • Inserts email tracking in your emails (which connects with web tracking too)
  • Allows you to send email campaigns to a list of customers (or an individual customer), manually or based on automatic triggers
  • Shows you all info about your customers right next to your emails with the Gmail sidebar
  • Reminds you of emails you haven’t replied to, or customer conversations that have gone quiet
  • Auto-create CRM contacts for people you’re emailing with
  • Enriches these contacts by importing the email signatures they use
  • Gives you a live shared view of the emails you and your team are sending
  • Shows you who your colleagues know based on their email traffic

If you’re in sales and you want to work from your Gmail inbox (and your Google Calendar), check Salesflare out.

Salesflare obviously comes with a visual Kanban-style pipeline, an automated customer database, … and everything else you’d expect from a top sales CRM.

And… it’s still lightweight enough for your team, so they’ll actually use it.

You can read more on Salesflare here.

2. Templates (fka Canned Responses) from Gmail

The native email templates built into Gmail
No team templates – No merge tags
Price: Free

Gmail Templates fka Canned Responses
Here’s how to enable templates in Gmail (no team templates, no merge tags).

Don’t need much? Then this might be what you’re looking for.

The built-in Templates in Gmail (formerly known as Canned Responses) and can be enabled by going to Settings > Advanced > Templates.

It’s very basic and a bit clunky, and it also don’t support team templates nor merge tags… but if something basic is what you need, why would you get something else.

I’ve happily used them myself for 5 years.

Go to Gmail Settings > Advanced here.

3. Gmelius

Collaborate on emails more easily
Team templates – Merge tags
Price: Starting at $10/user/month for unlimited templates

Gmelius - email templates for Gmail
Collaborate on Gmail templates, without integrating with your CRM.

If you’re in sales (or customer support) and you’re looking for something more than email templates, but don’t want to have anything integrated with your CRM, then Gmelius might be what you’re looking for.

Gmelius goes beyond Gmail templates and offers email sequences / drip campaigns / mail merge and email tracking as well.

From here, you can upgrade to shared labels for Gmail, shared inboxes, …

In short: if you’re looking to collaborate on emails without using a CRM, then check this out.

Find out more about Gmelius here.

4. Gorgias

E-commerce helpdesk solution with Gmail templates
Team templates – Merge tags
Price: Included in customer service solution for e-commerce stores

Gorgias - email templates for Gmail
Email templates from your helpdesk solution (for online stores).

While Gmelius (above) is a good solution if you’re looking to work together as a team outside a CRM, Gorgias offers its Gmail templates as part of a customer support helpdesk for online stores.

Long story short: if you’re looking for an ecommerce helpdesk with good Google integration that provides email templates in Gmail, this is your choice.

Gorgias also has a free Chrome plugin (without sharing of templates) as well, but if their premium plans are not what you might need in the future, it’s probably better to pick another email templates tool from this list.

Learn more about Gorgias.

5. Right Inbox

Cheapest upgrade to your Gmail inbox
Team templates – Merge tags
Price: Starting at $7/user/month for unlimited templates

Right Inbox - templates in Gmail
Upgrade your Gmail with the cheapest suite out there.

Like the rest of the tools mentioned below, Right Inbox is a specialized solution for everyone who wished Gmail just had a few more features.

It includes things like email sequences and email tracking, and also features that Google has added in the meantime, like snoozing and scheduling of emails.

If an enhanced Gmail inbox is what you’re looking for, have a look at Right Inbox, or one of the other ones below.

Right Inbox’s biggest advantage over the others is its price. You’ll see prices increase as you scroll further down.

Check out Right Inbox.

6. Mailbutler

Upgrade both Apple Mail and Gmail
Team templates – No merge tags
Price: Starting at $8/user/month for unlimited templates

Mailbutler templates for Gmail emails
Can’t choose between Gmail and Apple Mail? Mailbutler does both.

Just like Right Inbox, Mailbutler aims to upgrade your Gmail inbox. And it works for Apple Mail too.

Also very similarly, it additionally offers features like email tracking, email signatures, follow-up reminders, email scheduling, … of which half has been added by Google itself in the meantime.

Still, if you like to share templates with your team or track your Gmail emails, Mailbutler might help you get that done.

Have a look at Mailbutler.

7. Mixmax

The premium upgrade for your Gmail
Team templates – Merge tags
Price: Starting at $29/user/month for team templates

A premium upgrade for your Gmail.

Much like the others, Mixmax offers to upgrade your Gmail inbox. And it’s the premium solution at doing so.

Prices are more than three times what you’re paying at Right Inbox or Mailbutler, but you’ll be rewarded with a better design and way more features.

Next to the usual things, Mixmax offers handy Gmail widgets, a scheduling tool, a phone dialer, and integrations with some competing CRM systems.

Got some money to spend?

Check out what Mixmax does.

8. Yesware

The sales upgrade for your Gmail
Team templates – Merge tags
Price: Starting at $35/user/month for team templates

Looking for something specifically made for sales teams? Then Yesware might be for you.

Yesware is one of the first solutions out there that would bring enhanced functionality to your Gmail inbox, like email templates, email tracking, sequences, …

Today, in our humble opinion, it’s not too different from the other solutions on the market, but it has a few neat features like the ability to see which templates work.

Just like Mixmax, Yesware comes at the price of a sales CRM system.

So if your wallet allows it: have a look at Yesware.

If you know of any other tools for Gmail that are at least on par with the tools above, let us know in the comments and we can add them to the overview.

And if you work from your Gmail inbox, have a look at our CRM.

We promise: you won’t find any CRM that offers you more possibilities from your Gmail inbox than Salesflare.

use Salesflare's CRM

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