20+ Best B2B Lead Generation Companies & Services [by Category]

Need to generate leads? These companies can help.

There are a ton of lead generation companies out there delivering a wide array of services, so it can be hard to find the right one for you.

As experts in lead generation, we’ve made a list of the best lead gen companies we know, organized them by category, described their specialties and found out where they’re active.

We hope that makes your search a little easier! 🔍

Here are the five categories we’re organizing the companies by:

  1. LinkedIn outreach
  2. Email outreach
  3. Lead research
  4. Appointment setting
  5. Lead generation software

Many of them belong in different categories, but we’ve always moved them into the most fitting one.

Without further ado, here are the 20+ top lead generation companies. 👇

LinkedIn outreach

Looking at LinkedIn for your lead generation? The companies below provide coaching and outsourcing services to make you successful in no time.


  • Website: https://www.resultconsulting.it/en
  • Offices in Milano (Italy), London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain)
  • Active in Italy and UK (mainly), Europe and US (by extension)
  • Lead generation for: Consulting, SaaS, tech, and other B2B industries

If you want to get B2B leads via LinkedIn in a sustainable way, the team at ResultConsulting can teach you how. They won’t only coach you on how to get in touch with leads, but also on how to nurture them (with webinars, case studies, etc.) and eventually close great deals. The whole process from LinkedIn to CRM is covered. Their track record is impressive, so make sure to ask them about that when you get in touch.

Here is a webinar we organized with Matteo & Giacomo of Result Consulting in which they lay out how it all works:

This webinar is all about how to generate a maximum of quality B2B leads from LinkedIn 👆

Social Sales

  • Website: https://socialsales.eu/en/
  • Offices in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Active in Netherlands and Belgium (mainly) and Europe (by extension)
  • Lead generation for: Agencies, tech and other B2B industries

In a similar way as the team at ResultConsulting, Social Sales provides strategic advice on new business sales, lead generation and online marketing to sales, sales management and boards of directors. Martijn and his colleagues at Social Sales are focused on helping you generate B2B leads from LinkedIn and on implementing the right CRM processes to convert these leads to deals. The team is small, but very professional. They serve customers globally.

Pearl Lemon Leads

Deepak of Pearl Lemon is a real B2B lead generation expert and he has hired a team that can run fully outsourced campaigns for you. While LinkedIn lead generation is their main specialty, they also branch out into cold emailing, cold calling and appointment setting.


  • Website: https://www.cleverly.co/
  • Offices in Los Angeles (US)
  • Active in United States (mainly) and globally (by extension)
  • Lead generation for: Tech, software, financial services, real estate and legal services

If you’re looking for a company that completely takes over your LinkedIn outreach, then Cleverly may be a good option. They have built up deep expertise in the area by working with a vast amount of clients. The offering is highly productized with a monthly subscription, as detailed on their website. Bonus: they also have a (paid) LinkedIn marketing course.


Want to do LinkedIn outreach or LinkedIn ads and don’t know where to start? Renew can help. They’ll do all the work for you: they’ll generate targeted lead lists, write and optimize messages, reach out to leads, and hand them over to you for closing.

Top Dog Social Media

If you’re looking for a proven process on how to generate more B2B leads using LinkedIn, Melonie and her team at Top Dog Social Media can help you with that. She’ll train your team on how to strategically position your company and build relationships with key decision makers through LinkedIn (at least at first) so you can quickly generate a ton of extra revenue.


  • Website: https://b2bleads.com/linkedin-done-for-you/
  • Offices in Brisbane (Australia)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: Enterprise tech and software, consultants, agencies, recruiting, professional training and other B2B industries

B2B Leads prides itself on being a data driven agency, testing multiple campaigns in parallel and using data to find out how their clients can be as successful as possible using LinkedIn. If you’re Australian, B2B Leads is an even better choice. They’ll completely take over lead generation on LinkedIn for you with local Australian experts… and it won’t even break the bank, starting from a few thousand dollars per month with a money-back guarantee.

Bibby Consulting Group

If anyone breathes and lives LinkedIn lead generation, it’s Nathanial Bibby of Bibby Consulting Group. While Nathanial is very active in the training sphere, he also offers a popular outsourced LinkedIn prospecting service, again with a strong focus on Australia. The videos of his seminars get hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Here is a popular 26 minute seminar he did on LinkedIn marketing:

Email outreach

If email is your channel of choice, the lead generation companies below are in the best spot to help you out with their expert services.

Growth Engine X

  • Website: https://www.growthenginex.com/
  • Office in New York (US)
  • Active in United States (mainly) and globally (by extension)
  • Lead generation for: mostly SaaS companies, private equity companies, and Financial service companies

Effective email outreach gets harder every day, so you need experienced help if you want to be successful. Eric and his team at Growth Engine X have all the expertise in house that you’ll need. They know how to use data for hyper-effective targeting, how to organize your messaging in the right way and how to scale the outreach without hurting your deliverability.


While LeadLion offers lead generation services across the board, its specialty is in email marketing, from outreach to nurturing sequences. LeadLion offers services in English, French and Spanish, which can be a big plus in some markets. They will also manage your inbox and message responses for you through a series of pre-set scenarios.


  • Website: https://www.socialbloom.io/
  • Office in Rochester, Minnesota (US)
  • Active in United States (mainly) and globally (by extension)
  • Lead generation for: Software & tech companies

SocialBloom merges email outreach with some additional social interactions and cold calls to up your success rate. Like others, they find the leads, tailor the messaging and organize the outreach. Unlike many other email outreach companies, they can also qualify the leads for you before you get on meetings.

Email Outreach Company

  • Website: https://eocworks.com/
  • Offices in New York (US)
  • Active in United States
  • Lead generation for: Software, agencies and other B2B industries

EOC is led by two former tech founders, Adam and Pranam. They use email outreach to book appointments for their clients and guarantee that you’ll get meetings. If you’re looking for a small company that’ll give you that extra special, personalized treatment, while delivering results, they may be the right match for you.

Lead research

Need to research lists of leads? No need to buy outdated off-the-shelf lists. These companies have the skills and manpower to generate a fresh and custom list for you.


  • Website: https://taskdrive.com/
  • Offices in Tampa (US), Los Angeles (US), Bodrum (Turkey) and Cape Town (South Africa) and Vienna (Austria)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: Recruiting, insurance, tech and other industries selling B2B

Software can take on a lot of work, but there’s nothing like real humans at your disposal. The expert team at TaskDrive is there to take over your work and make sure it’s done in the best possible way, at a good price. One of the things they do best is researching custom leads for your business, but they can do more than that as well, from warming up your leads, identifying your website visitors to manning your customer service.


  • Website: https://growthonics.com/lead-research/
  • Offices in London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: Tech, financial services, hospitality and more

If you’re looking to build a custom list of leads, Growthonics has the expertise you need. They will build verified lists of contacts and companies, using real humans instead of ready databases or lists, with the right ICP and contact data.

Appointment setting

Want an outsourced team to set appointments for your sales team? The below companies will take care of this for you, usually by calling but oftentimes using a multichannel approach.


  • Website: https://yoursales.com/
  • Office in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: B2B SaaS companies

If you’re a SaaS company and need more appointments for your sales team, then Jakob’s fully remote team at YourSales can help, regardless of where you’re located in the world. Unlike most other lead generation companies, YourSales can also take on other sales roles or provide foundational sales consulting. All very specifically for B2B Software-as-a-Service.


  • Website: https://skondras.com/
  • Offices in Hasselt (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Mönchengladbach (Germany) and Alicante (Spain)
  • Active in Europe
  • Lead generation for: Software, automotive, bank and insurances, healthcare, utilities, telecom and energy

Skondras is one of the few companies out there that can cover the whole business: from lead generation, over sales outsourcing, to providing outsourced support services. With locations across Europe and expansion plans in all large European countries, Skondras is also a popular partner for companies with a pan-European approach. The company has been around for more than 20 years and the team is very experienced and professional.


  • Website: https://belkins.io/
  • Offices in Kiev (Ukraine), Warsaw (Poland) and Denver (US)
  • Active in Europe, North America, South America and Australia
  • Lead generation for: Software, hardware, financial services and other B2B industries

Even though it only started in 2017, Belkins is now one of the bigger names out there. Whether that means they’re successful at providing sales for their customers or mostly for themselves is hard to say, but they are for sure doing something right. Although Belkins does more than only appointment settings, it’s their main offering, so if you’re looking for a proven partner in the space, get an appointment with them – pun intended.


  • Website: https://salesroads.com/
  • Offices in different cities all over the US
  • Active in the United States
  • Lead generation for: SaaS, manufacturing and other B2B industries

If you’re in the US and want to outsource your appointment setting to US based SDRs, then SalesRoads specializes in that. They’ll create a playbook, coach their team, and take on the whole process so you get appointments with qualified leads. Additionally, they can help with generating lead lists, both classic and based on intent data.


  • Website: https://www.leadium.com/
  • Offices in Orlando (US), Las Vegas (US), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Belgrade (Serbia) and Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Active in the United States (and by extension globally)
  • Lead generation for: SaaS (mainly) and other B2B industries

Leadium positions itself as a technology-power sales appointment setter with great processes and professional SDRs. This probably has something to do with the fact that they work with so many SaaS companies to take on their appointment setting. Their focus is on outbound appointment setting, but they can do this inbound as well, research your leads, or consult you on your sales strategy.

Lead generation software

Sometimes you don’t need a consulting company, just the right software. The tools below are a great starting point. You can find more of them in our full overview of lead generation software.


  • Website: https://salesflare.com/
  • Offices in Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: Agencies, tech companies and other small and medium-sized B2B companies

If you’re looking to not just generate leads, but also follow them up flawlessly and close them, then Salesflare can help you with that. While Salesflare’s LinkedIn sidebar, email finder, email sequences, … and other tools can help you with generating leads, its automated tracking of customer data, overviews and automated reminders will help you close them.

Salesflare's lead generation software service integrates into LinkedIn
Salesflare is the #1 CRM to integrate closely with normal LinkedIn (incl. a handy email finder) ✨


  • Website: https://www.leadfeeder.com/
  • Offices in Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Utrecht (Netherlands), San Francisco (US) and New York (US)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: Agencies, tech companies and other B2B industries

You may have a lot of leads that visit your website, but then most of them leave without getting in touch. That’s where Leadfeeder can help. It identifies which companies visit your website, helps you find the right person at the company, and then pass the lead to your CRM for outreach and follow up.


  • Website: https://www.adapt.io/
  • Offices in Coimbatore (India)
  • Active globally
  • Lead generation for: Agencies, software, B2B financial services, staffing and manufacturing

There are many services out there that allow you to find leads and their contact details, but we haven’t seen many with a similar quality to price ratio as Adapt.io. It helps you to search companies based on geography, industry, technology, …, identify the persons in the right roles, and then easily find their email address or phone number. And the data is fresh.

Want to get the basics of lead generation down before you get going? Good idea! We wrote a quick guide to B2B lead generation that you might like.

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