Best CRMs with LinkedIn Integration + Specialized Tools [2024]

3 LinkedIn-CRM integration options summarized

Finding out whether the CRM of your choice integrates with LinkedIn can be a daunting task.

The integrations can have many different forms, and often they’re with LinkedIn Sales Navigator only, which severely limits the usefulness of the LinkedIn-CRM integration in your daily work.

To keep it simple, we’ll summarize the 3 LinkedIn-CRM integration options that exist, from highest to lowest benefit-cost ratio, and which CRM systems offer these options.

Here are the three possible options:

  1. Get a CRM that integrates natively with both your personal LinkedIn + LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. Pay $10-50/user/month extra to integrate your CRM with LinkedIn (personal & Sales Nav) through an additional tool
  3. Get a CRM that only integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Let’s start off with the best one 👇

1. Get a CRM that integrates natively with both your personal LinkedIn + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A CRM that integrates directly with both your personal LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is most people’s preferred option.

We know this to be true because a lot of our customers at Salesflare have been asking for a good LinkedIn integration with their personal LinkedIn account… until it reached the top of our list of feature requests and we built it.

A good native LinkedIn integration with your CRM has multiple advantages:

  • It’s faster
  • It allows for a closer integration, with more capabilities and less clicks
  • The way it works can be consistent with how your CRM works in general
  • And of course: you don’t have to pay extra! 💸

None of Salesflare’s usual competitors (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Freshworks CRM, Copper, …) offer this native integration with your personal LinkedIn, so if this is what you need, no need to keep searching! Get Salesflare. 😄

Let me show you a typical workflow with Salesflare’s LinkedIn-CRM integration.

Step 1: View your newest prospect’s LinkedIn profile and add them to Salesflare if needed.

add leads from LinkedIn to Salesflare with the CRM integration
Easily add your prospects to Salesflare’s CRM. ⚡

Step 2: Get their email address, either by searching for it with Salesflare’s email finder or – when they list it – by sourcing it directly from their LinkedIn profile.

find email addresses for LinkedIn leads with Salesflare CRM's integration through the Chrome extension
Find their email address with one click.🖱️

Step 3: Get in touch by emailing them straight from the sidebar, or tagging them to add them to an email workflow.

send emails to your LinkedIn connections straight from the CRM sidebar integration
Send them an email straight from the sidebar. 💌 (Or start an email sequence, call, message, …)

And, just like that, they’re part of your sales pipeline! ✨

Every Salesflare plan comes with email finding credits included, so you don’t need to pay extra for that either. 😘 Unless, of course, you’re a power prospector, in which case you can get an additional credit package (coming soon!) at a competitive price to external email finder services.

If you want to try this out now, just:

  1. Sign up for a free Salesflare trial here (no credit card needed)
  2. And then download the Chrome plugin here 👈

And, while you’re at it, unlock the rest of the power of Salesflare!

Next to this LinkedIn CRM integration, there’s a bunch of cool stuff for you to check out in Salesflare: 🤩

  • Built-in email workflows/sequences (you can add people to it straight from LinkedIn!)
  • A handy sidebar for Gmail & Outlook (not just for LinkedIn!)
  • A visual drag-and-drop sales pipeline
  • Fully automated customer timelines with emails, meetings, calls, …
  • Integrated email and web tracking
  • An automated email signature sync
  • And much more
awards Salesflare has received
Some of the awards Salesflare has received for its ease of use, ease of setup, support, and return on investment.

To try it all in action, just sign up for a trial… or watch this video first. 👇

Loved it? 😍 Here are the links to create a Salesflare account and download the Chrome plugin for LinkedIn one last time… and a button:

Try Salesflare for free

Good luck prospecting 👊

2. Pay $10-50/user/month extra to integrate your CRM with LinkedIn (personal + Sales Navigator) through an additional tool

Salesflare is an easy to use CRM for small and medium-sized businesses and startups who sell B2B, so if you’re working in a large enterprise with a large enterprise CRM, option 1 may not be for you. 🤷‍♂

In that case, you can still resort to an additional tool (yes, sorry, you may have a few of those already) to take care of that tight integration with both personal LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

In our research, we’ve identified 3 interesting options:

  • for HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, Salesloft, Outreach
  • for Zoho CRM, Pipedrive (soon), HubSpot (soon) (note that the “soon” labels are there since 2022)
  • Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Insightly, Close (plus a few ATS systems for recruiters)

(list of integrated CRMs last updated in December of 2023)

These tools largely come with similar features, with a few relatively small differences.

We very much preferred using Surfe ourselves, because of its design and built-in email finder (similar to Salesflare’s), but its pricing is very high. 😦

If you want to have access to 500 email finding credits, you’ll be paying $79/user/month (monthly billing, December 2023) which is $14/user/month more than Salesflare’s Pro plan, which includes the same amount of credits… plus a full CRM platform, including email sequence tool, sales pipeline, and so much more.

Even without email finding credits, it sets you back $27/user/month, which is a lot of extra money to pay to get integrated with LinkedIn.

3. Get a CRM that only integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Lastly, if you only want an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and NOT with your personal LinkedIn account, we’ve compiled a list of CRM systems that offer this dedicated LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.

Note that you’ll need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus license for this, with the following pricing (December 2023):

  • Advanced: $125.99/user/month (annual billing) or $161.99 (monthly billing)
  • Advanced Plus: pricing only available on request (and minimum 10 licenses…)

Here are the CRMs who integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, including a direct link to the relevant instructions:

  • Zoho CRM: instructions only in Dutch and German (long live Google Translate!)
  • HubSpot CRM: instructions in English
  • Salesforce: instructions in English
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: instructions in English
  • Sugar CRM: instructions in English

Here are some others CRMs we looked at that don’t offer this type of LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, so you don’t need to repeat the same research:

If we missed any CRMs with a native integration into LinkedIn Sales Navigator, let us know and we’ll add them to the list!


What CRM can integrate best with LinkedIn?

Salesflare CRM is known for its strong integration capabilities with LinkedIn. Using its integration you can update your CRM straight from LinkedIn profiles and messages, add LinkedIn profile data to the CRM, and find business email addresses. Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, and Salesforce also have various integration capabilities with LinkedIn.

Can you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a CRM?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is primarily a sales prospecting tool, not a comprehensive CRM solution. It does allow saving lists but does not include a sales pipeline, email timelines, sales dashboards, and other essential CRM features.

Does Pipedrive integrate with LinkedIn?

No, Pipedrive doesn’t integrate natively with LinkedIn. Salesflare and a few other CRMs do offer native integration with LinkedIn, allowing you to import contacts and their profile data and sync data between the two platforms.

What is LinkedIn CRM?

When people say “Linkedin CRM” they refer to the integration or use of Linkedin data within a CRM system to enhance sales and marketing efforts, such as tracking leads, contacts, and interactions on the LinkedIn platform.

How do I integrate LinkedIn leads with CRM?

To integrate LinkedIn leads with CRM, you can use Salesflare’s LinkedIn sidebar to create and follow up on your leads directly from LinkedIn. Some other good tools and compatible plug-ins for lead generation include VoilaNorbert, Findthatlead, Hunter, and more, which can then be integrated with Salesflare via an integration tool like Zapier and other ways.

That’s it! No need to try out a ton of LinkedIn CRM integrations. We got you covered. 👊

Let us know via the chat on the website if we can help with anything else. We’re here for you!

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