The 3 Best Free Email Finders: Low Bounces, Quick Search & Great Integrations

Our results from finding 1000s of email addresses in the past year

After trying 10-20 email finders out there, many of them with low accuracy, we settled on our top 2 tools and built a worthy alternative straight into Salesflare, our very own CRM. ✨

In short, here are the results we see based on many thousands of cold emails searched:

top 3 email finders compared

For an easy comparison, some of the competing tools that didn’t make the list are:

  • Hunter: 59% found, 17% bounce rate
  • 26% found, 19% bounce rate
  • Anymailfinder: 47% found, 2% bounce rate

Want to know more about the top 3 email finding tools?

Let’s dig in 👇

1. Salesflare

Is it an email finder? Is it a LinkedIn extension? Is it an email sequence tool? Is it an email tracker? Is it a sales CRM?

Salesflare is all of that in one 🎉, so you don’t rely on a series of badly integrated tools to manage your sales process. That’s because juggling your data between these tools is not a great use of your time, plus it often leaves room for embarrassing mistakes.

With Salesflare’s email finder, you can:

1. Import csv files from Excel, to find a list of email addresses at once.

Import a list to find emails at scale 🤖

2. Find email addresses for your LinkedIn prospects and add them straight to the CRM with the Chrome extension.

find email addresses in LinkedIn
Find an email for any LinkedIn profile you’re looking at… and add the contact to your CRM! ⚡

3. Find email addresses for any CRM contact for which you don’t have an email yet.

find email addresses integrated in the CRM
Find an email for any contact in your CRM 🔍 (also possible in bulk)

The email finder is easy, fast and – most importantly – accurate, so your emails bounce less. 💌

To quickly fill your sales pipeline, you can add leads straight into Salesflare’s built-in email sequences. And once they reply, you can manage the follow up process in Salesflare’s easy-to-use and automated B2B sales CRM that is integrated with your emails.

Salesflare continuously receives awards for ease of use, ease of setup, best support, …

Best of all: unlike other tools, Salesflare only charges credits when email addresses have a high probability of being correct. You can start by using the email finder credits included in the plans and, if those don’t suffice, buy extra credit packages (coming soon!) like you’d get when using the other tools.

Just sign up for a trial of Salesflare to try it all out. 👈

Try Salesflare for free

2. VoilaNorbert

Before building our own email finder into Salesflare, we’d often use VoilaNorbert as our go-to email finding tool.

find an email address one by one or a whole list of email address at once

Why? Accuracy and speed.

Having a minimal amount of bounces and keeping up productivity are absolutely essential to us. Those two criteria are where VoilaNorbert excels.

If you also want to enrich your email addresses with extra contact data at the same time, VoilaNorbert offers this service too… but, spoiler alert, it’s quite expensive.

VoilaNorbert also offers a Chrome extension for LinkedIn, which we hadn’t tried before, but during the testing for this article we couldn’t get it to work in LinkedIn for some reason.

VoilaNorbert email finder in LinkedIn

Admittedly, VoilaNorbert is not the cheapest email finder, but it can be worth the price.

3. FindThatLead

If you don’t mind waiting a really long time for your results, FindThatLead is a great alternative email finder.

find emails with FindThatLead's email finder

And a great plus: its lowest plan includes 5000 email finding credits instead of the 1000 you get at VoilaNorbert.

Before building an email finder into Salesflare, we’d tend to use FindThatLead as a secondary source of emails next to VoilaNorbert. After all, two email finders in parallel can find more emails than one alone.

FindThatLead also has a pretty (albeit again really slow) Chrome extension to find emails for LinkedIn profiles, which can be handy if you do a lot of LinkedIn prospecting.

find email addresses for LinkedIn profiles

Finally, it natively integrates with Salesflare and a few competing sales CRMs, so you can push your leads straight into your CRM when you’re ready.

That’s it! No need to try out a ton of email finding tools. We got you covered. 👊

Let us know via the chat on the website if we can help with anything else. We’re here for you!

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Jeroen Corthout