LinkedIn Email Finder (+ Email Sequences)

The simplest Chrome extension for sales prospecting

Looking for a high quality, free LinkedIn email address finder? 🕵

You found it – it’s just one click away:

Install free LinkedIn email finder extension

You can also follow the 3 step guide below to get you started 100%. 👇

Note that Salesflare’s email finder tool does much more than finding email addresses based on LinkedIn profiles – more about going Pro by sending follow-up email sequences below.

Find emails on LinkedIn in 3 steps

1. Install the Chrome extension.

Click to the extension and then hit “Add to Chrome”. 🖱️

It only takes a few seconds to install.

Salesflare - Email Finder & LinkedIn/Gmail CRM extension in Chrome Webstore
You can install the extension here 👈

2. Sign up by connecting your email.

Sign up with Google or Microsoft from the extension.

It will appear on profiles of people, companies and in your messaging inbox.

Signing up only takes a few clicks 🚀

3. Browse to LinkedIn profiles to start finding email addresses.

Find your first email address by browsing to a person’s LinkedIn profile.

Browse to the LinkedIn profile, click, and find their email address 🔍

You get 5 free email addresses on LinkedIn during your trial period (no credits are used if no quality email is found!).

This free Salesflare trial also offers the possibility to send automated personal emails from your inbox to the found emails. 🆓

And when you go Pro, you can…

Go Pro: Send email sequences to those LinkedIn emails

You found an email address with the LinkedIn extension? That’s just step one.

Now you need to reach out. And keep sending follow-up emails. Because most people don’t reply. 😅

Fortunately, there are email automation tools for that.

And this tool is built into the very same extension. 🤩

Here’s how it works:

1. Find the email & create a contact.

Browse to a LinkedIn profile with the extension, find their email address, and create a contact.

You can find emails & create contacts right within the LinkedIn page. 🔍

2. Add the contact to an automated email sequence.

Click “add to workflow” to add this contact to an email workflow/sequence.

You don’t need to leave LinkedIn to enroll people in email sequences. ✨

3. Sit back and relax… until they reply.

Step 3 is the best one: just do nothing until they reply. 💤

Automatically send multiple emails until people reply. 💌

And when they do, the game is on! 😎

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