Guiones de llamada en frío para personas reales

Cold-calling potential customers is a part of just about every sales team’s operations in some capacity or another.

But whether your sales team makes 10 cold calls a year or 100 cold calls a day, it’s important to stay human in the process.

tipos que llaman en frío y contestan el teléfono al mismo tiempo

Sales scripts are a great way to stay consistent and organized, but you don’t want to be too scripted either.

So, how do you begin creating a script that works for you and your team – and gets you results?

Not to worry – we’ve put together a couple of templates to help you get started and to empower your team to close those deals. 🤝

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Antes de empezar a llamar a clientes potenciales

There are a few things to consider before you actually pick up the phone. By doing a bit of research and narrowing down who you’re actually going to call, you save yourself a ton of time and stress.

If you go into cold calling blindly, you’re going to be reaching out to people who may not be in your target market, leading to lots of hung-up calls and wasted time on your part.

So, first thing’s first: pick who you’re going to call. Consider the target audience for your solution, whether it’s across industries or company size, just try to have a couple of categories in mind to help you narrow your list down.

A continuación, empieza a encontrar a las personas adecuadas con las que hablar. LinkedIn es un gran recurso para ello, porque puedes buscar a los clientes potenciales adecuados entre un sinfín de opciones de búsqueda.

Busque por puesto de trabajo, sector, conexiones mutuas, ubicación y mucho, mucho más.

Una vez que tenga una lista sólida de personas a las que dirigirse, investigue un poco antes de marcar su número.

Trata de averiguar en qué consiste su función, a qué se dedica la empresa (quizá hayas ayudado antes a empresas similares y puedas utilizar esos puntos débiles en tu conversación) y cualquier información interesante que pueda ayudar a que la conversación fluya sin problemas.

Now that you have a thoughtful, well-researched list ready to go, it’s time to put together your script!

chocando los cinco

Llamada en frío

Let’s put all of the elements together to create a script.

And remember: because you’ve researched your list before reaching this point, try to work those conversation points into the call.

En primer lugar, debe indicar claramente su nombre y su empresa.

Don’t speak too quickly or in a loud space, as the person on the other end of the line will be annoyed immediately if they can’t tell what you’re saying to them.

ballena hola

Rather than immediately jumping into your pitch, give some space for a couple beats of silence. This allows the person to think about who you are, and possibly give them a chance to exchange a friendly “how are you?”

Entonces, esta es la oportunidad de hacer la llamada un poco más personal de la investigación que has hecho antes. Pregúntales algo sobre su carrera, sus antecedentes, etc.

“Am I right that you are responsible for [current responsibility] at [current company]?”

“First off, I saw on LinkedIn that we both know [mutual contact]. We [did something specific together at some point]. How do you know each other?”

“I noticed you went to [university name]. One of my best friends studied there. How did you like your time at [university name]?”

… or mention/ask anything that you feel comfortable with and that makes a connection.

Connect with them on a personal level, and they’ll most likely warm up to the conversation.

Si notas que empiezan a abrirse, continúa la conversación y añade una pregunta de seguimiento.

But don’t dwell too much – ¡hay que ir al grano!

niño preguntando: "Un momento, ¿quién eres?".

Either give them the opportunity to ask the inevitable, “why are you calling me?” Or, casually jump into, “the reason I’m calling…”

Asegúrese de comenzar con su experiencia con empresas anteriores que sean similares en sus puntos débiles. Sitúate a ti y a tu empresa de forma que demuestres que entiendes los retos a los que se enfrenta la empresa.

Example: “I currently work with business development managers in small to medium-sized marketing agencies. My customers are usually looking to minimize the time they need to spend on billing and invoicing clients. Does that sound like something you also face?”

Gracias a su investigación anterior, they should respond with a resounding, “yes.”

En lugar de seguir con tu discurso, pídeles que te cuenten más cosas. Así tendrás la oportunidad de escuchar sus puntos débiles y argumentar por qué tu solución es la más adecuada.

Llegados a este punto, la conversación debería fluir sin más. Listen to them, and don’t be too pushy in your pitch. It’s all about them and helping them find the solution they need.

Depending on how much time they have to continue the conversation, it’s probably best that you offer a time for a follow-up call or meeting to discuss everything in more detail.

Simplemente pídales su mejor disponibilidad y coordine los siguientes pasos. And if you promise to send them additional information ahead of your next conversation – do that as soon as you hang up the call!


Great, so you have your cold call ready to go – but what if they don’t answer their phone?

Dejar un mensaje de voz

Fortunately, we’ve also created a quick and simple script below for leaving a voicemail that hits all of the key points in a short amount of time.

mono hablando por teléfono

Hola [su nombre], soy [su nombre] de [su empresa].

Actualmente trabajo con [funciones similares] en [tipo de empresa/industria]. Mis clientes suelen buscar [punto débil que se resolvería con su solución].

I wanted to see if it would potentially be a good fit for you. I’d love to have a quick conversation with you to discuss a bit further.

Puede localizarme en [su número].

De nuevo, soy [su nombre] de [su empresa] y puede localizarme en [su número].

Gracias, [su nombre].

It’s important to give them all of the necessary information upfront so that they have a clear understanding of who you are and how you can help them.

However, after a couple of days with no response, it’s time to consider following up.

Seguimiento de sus llamadas

When it comes to following up after you haven’t received a response from someone, it’s important to find the fine line between being tenacious and being pushy.


If you’ve called a few times with no response, it’s time to move on. There’s nothing more annoying than someone calling over and over again when it’s not something you’re interested in.

And let’s be honest: there are many people out there who won’t bother to give you a flat-out “no,” so it’s important to know when to take the hint. 🤷‍♀️

Alternatively, cold emailing is a great way to reach out to potential customers as well (or a great way to follow up once you’ve left a voicemail).

This is something we touched on in this article about follow-up email templates. Check it out for more templates that you can use to close more deals. 🚀

These cold-calling scripts are designed to help your sales team be more uniform and efficient, without losing your human touch – but there are many ways you can tweak and adapt these scripts to fit the needs of your team specifically.

In the end, it’s about connecting the right people and companies to your product or solution. 💛

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¿Utiliza su empresa un guión de ventas? ¿Qué elementos le parece fundamental incluir? Háganoslo saber en los comentarios.

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