Top 15 new Salesflare features in 2019

An overview of all your new sales superpowers

At the beginning of this year we made a commitment to deliver “more awesome features, way quicker”… and we did it.

So far, we’ve already launched 30+ features and 100s of improvements and fixes. And a few more should be released later this week. 🤞 All based on your feedback. (Thank you for keeping that feedback coming! We mean it. 😁)

As we’ve been strengthening the product – finding a difficult balance between adding functionality and keeping the software easy to use, and even trying to improve on that too – we’ve seen customer happiness increase steadily, which is an awesome feeling for the whole team.

In the past month, a whopping 72% of Salesflare users gave Salesflare a 9 or 10 when asked the question “How likely would you be to recommend Salesflare to a friend or a colleague?”. We couldn’t be happier. 😍

To end this year with a blast and ring in the new one, I’m presenting you with an overview of the top 15 features we’ve brought to you in 2019.

On behalf of the whole Salesflare team, I wish you a relaxing end of 2019 and a great start to 2020! 🥂

May 2020 be a year with even happier customers, more sales and more automation!

Cheers to our awesome Salesflare users! ❤️

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Filter your customers in any imaginable way

People kept asking us things like:

  • Can I make a list of contacts that have opportunities in a certain stage?
  • Can I filter my contacts by the country their account is located in?
  • Can I show opportunities for accounts that I haven’t heard in x days?
  • Can I show a list of accounts that have contacts with the role containing “founder” linked to them for which I have the phone number, but currently have no tasks linked to them nor opportunities? (yup, it gets that crazy 🤪)

All of that (and much more) is possible now with our advanced filtering functionality.

It looks like this. 👇

Filter and build segments in any way you can imagine.

It’s not just super powerful, it’s also easy to use and it’s instant. 💪

You’re now in control of your customers like never before. 💪

Explore your pipeline faster

Wish you could explore each of your opportunities with just one click?

That’s how it works now, with the new details sidebar for the opportunities. 🔥

Explore your pipeline faster through this new sidebar.

Want to click to the account timeline from here? Hit the account name at the top right.

It now also shows more clearly what field needs updating when the red corner on the opportunity appears.

Send emails straight from Salesflare

Want to reply to emails straight from Salesflare? Or just drop someone an email?

Salesflare now comes with a built-in email client that sends individual emails straight from your inbox.

We’ve made it a pleasant and clean experience, neatly integrated into the rest of the app, so communicating with your customers straight from the CRM becomes a breeze. 😍

It supports most of the popular email features, plus our very own email tracking.

Send personal emails straight from Salesflare.

Scan business cards in real time

All contact data comes automatically into Salesflare.

It’s pulled in from email headers, email signatures, publicly available info on social media, unless… someone gives you a business card of course. 🤦 Then you still need to transcribe the card into Salesflare.

Well, these times are over! From now on you can scan business cards straight from Salesflare’s mobile app. ✨

Just hit “create contact”, then the camera icon at the top right, and scan the card.

Scan a card and see the data automagically appear in Salesflare.

And then it uploads the image to our servers, recognizes the text in the image, extracts the right information from the text, et voilà: the data input has been automated.

A touch of machine learning, a bit of natural language processing, and you can digitize business cards with the click of a button. 🧙‍♂️

Note: like most business card scanners, it’s not 100% perfect. Always scan, check and correct quickly where needed. If you have examples that don’t work, send them to us and we can use it to improve the systems. 💪

Supercharge your emails with templates

Every salesperson has these email templates or snippets that they often use. And copy-paste is often the name of the game.

That’s over now!

By very popular demand, we present to you: email templates 🥳

You can create as many templates as you’d like. And easily share them with your team.

Create email templates/snippets for every possible use case and easily share them.

Want to get started?

Just hit the little ribbon at the bottom of the email window. 👇

Hit the ribbon to insert or manage your templates.

Not fast enough for you? 😏

Just type # to quickly search through your templates. And hit enter to insert. ⌨️

Type # to start searching for the right template.

Want to use this in Gmail? We heard you. 👊

Use templates within Gmail itself!

Now go and discover your new kick-ass powers!

Note: Where the bar at the bottom had a lot of formatting options before, they have now moved to the A button at the left.

Filter your account timelines

Want to see only the notes in the timeline?

Or only the emails exchanged with a specific contact?

The times of endless scrolling are over. 🎉

A nifty, little filter icon at the top right of every account timeline now allows you to filter this timeline by type of interaction: emails, internal notes, meetings, phone calls, link clicks, website visits, team updates, … or by contact!

Filter your timeline by contact or type of interaction in a few clicks (top right).

Try it out! 😄

Upgrade your Outlook sidebar

Wish you could easily turn email tracking off for a bit? Or hide the email sidebar for a moment?

The Outlook sidebar got a nice upgrade.

With the controls on the ribbon at the top right, you can turn email tracking on/off, show/hide the sidebar, and troubleshoot common compatibility issues.

We’ve also fixed some specific compatibility issues with the Outlook sidebar (thank you Microsoft 😏) and built-in troubleshooting functionality so these can be easily resolved when they happen.

Know how many contacts, tasks, … you have

Wondering how many contacts you’ve added? Or the amount of tasks you have outstanding?

You can now see it at a glance at the top of each list. 👀

Know how many contacts you have… and how many match your filters.

It also shows you how many results match your filters, searches or are bulk selected. Try it out! 😍

Get a better view on your meeting notes

We noticed that people were leaving their meeting notes as internal notes in the timeline, because meeting notes were not visual enough.

That’s why we’ve given meeting notes a more prominent place.

You can now see a preview of them without even opening the meeting. 👀

See a preview of your meeting notes straight from the timeline, without even clicking.

Still need to add notes?

Just click the button and type or paste them in right after.

Just click “Add notes”, then type or paste them in right away.

Get automated tasks to enter meeting notes

Often forget to add notes after the meeting ends? Missing the notification reminders too?

No worries. 👊

From now on Salesflare shows an automatically suggested task as well! That way your notes will always be neatly saved.

Get suggested tasks to add meeting notes, so you don’t forget.

The tasks are automatically completed when you actually add the notes. 🤖

Sort anything the way you like it

Want to see your accounts alphabetically? Your opportunities by value? Or your contacts by creation date?

That’s all possible now. ✨

Just click this button:

Click the button marked in yellow to start sorting.

And start sorting.

Sort your opportunities by creation date, value, probability and much more.

It’s that simple. 😁

Add your colleagues to all accounts automatically

Would you like to share all account timelines with your full team, without needing to add them to each account separately (or without using bulk actions now and then)?

It’s now as easy as flipping the switch. 🖱️

Just flip that switch if you like to share all account timelines. 👆

Send follow-up email campaigns based on tracking

Wish you could follow up on email campaigns you sent based on how people reacted to them? You can now do it.

Send emails to and export lists of people who interacted (or not) with your campaigns.

When checking out your campaign’s results, you will now find a button “Send email” that allows you to send an email to:

  • People who have received the campaign
  • People who opened or haven’t opened the campaign
  • People who clicked or haven’t clicked on links in the campaign

Want to use these lists in another app? We’ve also added a button “Export”, which allows you to instantly export the list to a .csv or to an Excel file. 💾

Write better multi-line notes

If you often write longer notes with multiple lines, then you’re going to like this.

The internal note box at the bottom of the account timeline now:

  • Automatically expands to multiple lines
  • Supports ENTER and SHIFT+ENTER for new lines, v.s. CTRL+ENTER (Windows) or CMD+ENTER (Mac OS) to send
  • Easily allows you to create multi-line notes on mobile phone
Multi-line notes got a big upgrade. 🤩

A big upgrade for our Zapier integration

Wish you could update things (not just create them) in Salesflare with Zapier? Or… make use of custom fields? Or… merge accounts if they already exist?

That and much more is included in our latest Zapier upgrade. 🤯

Want to move opportunities to different stages? That’s just one of the new possibilities. 🌈

Just head to Zapier to start using the newest version of the integration.

Can’t get enough? Want to read up on the whole list?

Then check out our list of product updates here.

As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat — we thrive on it! 😍

And… if you’re not using Salesflare yet… what are you actually waiting for?? 😏

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Jeroen Corthout