How to sell on social media

Jakob Thusgaard — part 1/5

how to sell on social media

Entrevistamos Jakob Thusgaard, fundador e CEO da YourSales, sobre como vender nas mídias sociais.

How to get in contact with prospects on social media?

Nas mídias sociais, você entra em contato com as pessoas seguindo seus perfis no Twitter, visitando seus perfis no LinkedIn e interagindo com elas em ambas as mídias.

Que medidas você deve tomar para iniciar um relacionamento?

I think what’s really important is to never forget that — also on social media — we’re just human beings and this is a relationship, right. So you start out by, you’re getting acquainted and then try to find out how you can help out. And then never forget to follow up, never forget to contact people, and hear how they’re doing.

What are the pitfalls when doing this?

You need to keep in mind, when you develop relationships online, that they are also just normal relationships. You have got to follow the steps of getting acquainted and getting to know one another and follow up on a timely manner. So don’t sell too early and don’t let the relationship die out. Those are the primary things to avoid.

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