Focus on the Right Leads

With more filtering & improved email workflows

Years ago, Salesflare’s website used to say “Less work, more sales” and that’s still very much what Salesflare stands for today. 💪

There are two major ways to make more sales with less work – those are:

  1. Automating the right parts of the work
  2. Working on the right leads (at the right time)

This product update is more focused on the latter.

And while the new features may seem like small additions, their implications are quite profound.

Let us take you for a ride! 👇

Identify opportunities that are (not) moving through your pipeline

Want to see which opportunities recently moved to another stage of the pipeline? Or maybe those that haven’t changed stages in a while?

You can now simply filter opportunities by “last stage change date”. 🚀

stale opportunities in the pipeline
Get an overview of all “stale opportunities” that didn’t move stages lately 👀

As always, Salesflare’s filtering options are available across entities, which means that you can also filter your accounts, contacts or even tasks to find those for which the related opportunities changed or didn’t change stages.

One example: you can use this new functionality to email every contact related to an opportunity that recently hasn’t changed stages. 👇

email all contacts related to stale opportunities
Email all contacts related to “stale opportunities” to give them a digital push 💌

You can now also build reports based on this “last stage change date”.

For example: if you want to know where in the sales pipeline opportunities are stuck, you can build a sales report as follows:

  1. Report on: “Opportunities”
  2. View by: “Opportunity stage”
  3. Measure by: “# of opportunities”
  4. Filter by: “Opportunity stage change date more than x days ago”
  5. Apply dashboard time filter to: Turn on the advanced option “Don’t apply the dashboard time filter”
report on stuck opportunities
Report on where opportunities are stuck in the pipeline 📊

Or you also can use it to add a weekly progress report to your sales dashboard, for the team or per sales team member. 🤯

Let us know what you end up building! 😁

List your accounts with incomplete tasks

What if you want to get a list of all accounts where you have outstanding work, aka incomplete tasks? 🤔

You can now filter accounts by “# incomplete tasks”. ✨

To find all the accounts with outstanding tasks, you can for instance filter on “# incomplete tasks is greater than 0”.

find accounts with incomplete tasks
Find all the accounts with incomplete tasks in seconds⚡

Of course, you can easily save this filter for later use!

And, as always, the same is possible in other places as well, like on the opportunities pipeline for instance. 👇

filter opportunities with incomplete tasks
Filter out all opportunities with incomplete tasks linked to the account 🧐


Adjust how many emails your workflows can send

As spam filters have recently become more restrictive than before, it’s generally a good idea to start sending emails at lower volumes. 💡

In the past, you could always ask our team to lower your email quota. From today on, you can just adjust it yourself. ✨

set custom email sending limits
Adjust how many emails your email workflows can send per hour and per day ⏱️

Salesflare’s email workflows will not send more emails per time period than the limit you set (note that to avoid causing any trouble at all, it counts your individually sent emails towards the quota too! 🧙).

If you’re interested in the topic (or just don’t want to land in spam folders 😏), we have more tips on improving your email deliverability here.

Track your email workflows with the new tracking

In our last product update (on June 1), we announced the gradual roll-out of an entirely new email tracking system.

Today, we’ve enabled the new email tracker on your email workflows as well. 🚀

We hope you enjoy it!

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance in a few places, tweaked some app flows, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat on our homepage — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Manage your tags in an easier way⚡
  • More visual account suggestions 🔮
  • The possibility to export reports 💾
  • Custom fields that can connect anything 🔗
  • A new Outlook add-in with broader support 📬
  • More possibilities to uncover new leads 🕵

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