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Dar a nuestros clientes un servicio excelente es algo por lo que nos esforzamos cada día.

Pero, ¿cómo funciona exactamente?

Behind the scenes, Salesflare is constantly helping customers and continuing to build a CRM that people love to use. 😍

In this short series, we will explore the “how” side of Salesflare — both in terms of support and in terms of development. First up: everything you need to know about support at Salesflare!

Whether it’s answering a quick question about a feature, advising on what software to use together with Salesflare or giving an in-depth explanation for a particular Zapier integration, the Salesflare team is always happy to chat with our customers about whatever they need. 💬

Nuestro proceso

En pocas palabras, llevamos a cabo un proceso comunicativo, transparente y eficaz.

But what does this mean for customers? Let’s explore the details of the process further.

Our Customer Support Toolkit

For our direct contact with customers, we use Intercom, which is a great support chat tool (and so much more) that allows us to stay in touch with potential and current customers to address any and all of their needs on Salesflare. The chat is used to help customers with things that they can’t find explained in our knowledge base or in our YouTube tutorials.

The knowledge base was written by the same people who handle customer support and relations, and it covers all of the frequently asked questions and more. ✅

Pero como siempre, los clientes que tengan problemas, sugerencias o preguntas sobre Salesflare siempre pueden ponerse en contacto a través del chat de nuestro sitio web.

The same goes for potential customers. If you’re unsure about whether Salesflare is the right tool for you, you can always reach out and ask us for advice.

In addition to our direct chat, we also have a dedicated Support Hero working on any development issues on Salesflare. The Support Hero rotates daily from our product team, and any issues that can’t be fixed in that exact moment are then logged in GitHub, the software we use for code and issue management, and addressed as soon as possible. Because of this, we can also directly offer support on a very technical level if needed. 👨‍💻

Any technical things that need to be fixed — whether they’re issues that need instant fixing or a bit more in-depth — the team is hard at work to deliver the best possible version of Salesflare!

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Getting Valuable Feedback

As you may have noticed already, at Salesflare, we value our customers’ feedback and we take it seriously.

Have an idea for a new feature you’d like to see in Salesflare? Just send us a message on chat. Our support team logs every feature request and upvotes requests that are requested multiple times. Based on how often it’s requested and how well it aligns with our product vision, the Salesflare team decides whether to implement it and when.

We don’t only keep track of issues and feature requests, but we also track possible UX improvements. In most software companies, they tend to slip through the cracks, but we actively track them (and even give them a high priority). 💪

Once we are able to address a feature request, the Salesflare team is incredibly communicative across departments — we ensure everyone is on the same page as we tackle requests and are sure to follow up with each other and with customers.

The customer support team takes part in all the discussions about requested features and open issues, so that there’s zero distance between the customer and the product team.

La comunicación es la clave, ¿verdad?

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Construir relaciones

As mentioned before, you can reach out to our support team about anything you’d like.

And this goes beyond just requesting features or addressing issues — we believe in the value of building relationships with our customers. 💛

Queremos ayudar a nuestros clientes a aumentar sus ventas a través de Salesflare, nuestro soporte, nuestro blog, etc. Y al final, queremos que Salesflare sea el CRM que a su equipo le encante utilizar.

Con todo esto quiero decir que, por favor, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Queremos ser lo más comunicativos posible con nuestros clientes, y queremos que usted también sienta que puede acudir a nosotros.

Have something you’d like to discuss? Our chat is on the bottom right of our website and app, but you can also reach out via our support email: support@salesflare.com.

Now, let’s kick ass together! 🚀

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