Supercharge your emails

Email your customers like never before

If you’re in B2B sales, email is still the #1 channel of communication.

That’s why Salesflare has largely been built to supercharge your sales emails, by integrating them as closely as possible with your sales CRM.


  • auto-create contacts for people you’re emailing with
  • enriches these contacts with the email signatures they use
  • gives you a live view of the emails you and your team are sending
  • shows you who your colleagues know based on their email traffic
  • inserts email open and link tracking in your emails
  • shows you all info about your customers right next to your emails with the Gmail & Outlook sidebar
  • reminds you of emails you haven’t replied to, or customer conversations that have gone quiet
  • allows you to send email campaigns to a list of customers (or an individual customer), manually or based on automatic triggers
  • adds your favorite email signature to every email

Well, I think you got the point 😅

And today, we’re raising the stakes yet again, giving you email superpowers like never before 🦸

Excited yet? Here we go!

Supercharge your emails with templates

Every sales person has these email templates or snippets that they often use. And copy-paste is often the name of the game.

That’s over now!

By very popular demand, we present to you: email templates 🥳

You can create as much templates as you like. And easily share them with your team.

Create email templates/snippets for every possible use case and easily share them.

Want to get started?

Just hit the little ribbon at the bottom of the email window. 👇

Hit the ribbon to insert or manage your templates.

Not fast enough for you? 😏

Just type # to quickly search through your templates. And hit enter to insert. 🤯

Type # to start searching for the right template.

Now go and discover your new kick-ass powers!

Note: Where the bar at the bottom had a lot of formatting options before, they have now moved to the A button at the left.

Upgrade your Outlook sidebar

Wish you could easily turn email tracking off for a bit? Or hide the email sidebar for a moment?

The Outlook sidebar just got a nice upgrade.

With the controls on the ribbon at the top right, you can turn email tracking on/off, show/hide the sidebar, and troubleshoot common compatibility issues.

We’ve also fixed some specific compatibility issues with the Outlook sidebar (thank you Microsoft 😏) and built-in troubleshooting functionality so these can be easily resolved when they happen.

Get more accurate suggested email tasks

One of the handy automation features we’re offering in Salesflare is suggested email tasks, which remind you of emails you haven’t replied to yet.

But what if you don’t want to reply? And you archive or delete the email instead? 🤔

From now on, Salesflare will be able to autocomplete your email task as well, so that your list of suggested tasks stays cleaner and more relevant! ✨

Salesflare suggests you which customer’s emails you haven’t replied to yet. When you reply or archive/delete the emails, the task autocompletes.

Note: this upgrade is only for Google Workspace / Gmail and Microsoft 365 / mailboxes for now, as other types of email accounts do not let us know when emails are archived or deleted.

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance in some places, tweaked some app flows, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Sort anything in Salesflare 🙌
  • Get a better view on your meeting notes 👀
  • Add lead source & lost reason options on the fly ⌨️
  • Email workflows 😲 (it’s a huge feature, so it might take a bit longer)

Ready to power up your sales? Give Salesflare a try.

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