Manage Things Quicker 🚅

With these handy tweaks

Want to manage things quicker in your CRM? We got your back! 👊

This month, we didn’t focus on big features or design overhauls. Instead, we fully focused on improving your daily workflow.

Here are some of the handiest tweaks we made to Salesflare 👇

Easily (re)order custom field options

Do you have custom dropdowns or multi-select dropdowns in Salesflare and want to order the options in a different way?

You can now do this super quickly by just dragging and dropping the different options.

Just drag and drop the options in the right order ↕️

Or, if you want to sort the options alphabetically by default, just check “Sort alphabetically” to set it and forget it. ✨

Everything is sorted alphabetically with one click 🖱️

Filter your account timelines quicker with (de)select all

If you’re on an account timeline and want to filter out certain types of interactions or interactions with certain contacts, there’s a little filter icon at the top right.

Up till now it was a little cumbersome to filter out a lot of options, but not anymore: you can now just switch with one click from selecting all to nothing and vice versa.

Select all, deselect all, select all, deselect all, … ✅

Invite teammates with a personal link

Can’t find the invite email? Or don’t want to wait for it to arrive?

Just click “copy link” after inviting a team member and send it to them in a chat.

Click “copy link”, then just send your teammate the invite link! 🔗

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance in a few important places, tweaked some app flows, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat on our homepage — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

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