Take Control

With account merging & email sending hours

Your CRM software’s main job: giving you full control over your sales pipeline and customers, so you can give them the best possible service at scale and hit your numbers.

That’s exactly what we aim to do at Salesflare, and without complicating things too much, so you don’t lose control over the software. 😃

With this release, we’re giving you increased control over two things:

  1. Duplicate accounts in the system
  2. What days/times your automated email workflows go out

Let us show you what’s new! 👇

Merge duplicate accounts ➡️⬅️

Have two accounts for the same company, with different contacts, opportunities, notes, emails, …?

You can now merge those accounts in a few clicks.

Everything will magically be merged in one place. That includes:

  • the whole timeline with emails, meetings, calls, tracking events, …
  • tasks you created (or Salesflare created for you)
  • files you exchanged
  • contacts and opportunities you linked to the accounts
  • team members that have access to the accounts
  • and of course the account's information etc. as well

Want to try it?

Hover on the avatar of an account to enter bulk mode, select a second one, and click the merge icon at the top.

Merge accounts and all their data in a few clicks!

After this you'll be asked which account's data wins (in case there's a conflict) and then you hit merge. Easy! ✨

Send your email workflows during working hours 🕑

Sending more automated emails with email workflows than your email inbox’s daily quota allow?

Previously, when hitting the daily quota, the remaining emails would be sent the next day at sometimes inconvenient times.

Not anymore!

From now on you can define during which days and hours your email workflow should be sending out emails.

Send your automated email workflows on specific days and hours.

By default this is set to working hours, but you can also be more specific than that if you know that your customers are more likely to open their emails at (maybe) 4pm.

Give it a try!

Bonus: start your video calls from Salesflare 🎦

Have a video call planned?

No need to head to your calendar. Salesflare automatically picks up the link and shows it within your CRM too. It’s just one click away.

You can now get straight to your video call from Salesflare.

Just click the icon to start the call! 🖱️

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance in some places, tweaked some app flows, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

  • A powerful permissions system 🔐
  • A series of upgrades to email workflows 💌
  • Salesflare’s new Pro plan 🚀

Want to get a quick overview of the top new Salesflare features we brought to you last year?

We put it all together for you in this overview. 🤩

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