Salesflare launches intelligent CRM

Promises the end of dumb software (Media Kit)

The Salesflare team (left to right): Stan, Rutger, Lieven, Kevin, Adri, Jeroen and David.

Meet the Salesflare team.

A team of rockstars. Heroes. Unicorn developers and marketers.

Take away our tech, however, and we are nothing. Messy, normal people. Struggling to get things done.

What makes us rockstars, is that we’re infinitely curious about technology. We persistently ponder how we can use tech to better our lives. And together, we are on a journey to better the lives of others.

Two years ago, we chose to focus our efforts on a field that is close to our hearts. We chose to better the oldest profession of all: sales.

We’ve come a long way. Today, after tweaking and optimizing for a long time under the radar, we launch Salesflare, the Intelligent Sales CRM. We couldn’t be happier or more excited to share it with the world.

The most intelligent CRM for sales people is here. And this is just the beginning. We are working towards a future where software automates everything in sales but the irreplaceable human contact. Towards a future where intelligent systems and sales people perfectly complement each other.

To singularity, and beyond.

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Salesflare launches intelligent CRM, promises the end of dumb software

Building on salespeople’s existing pools of customer data, Salesflare offers an intelligent sales CRM that helps them do what they do best: sell. After spending two years under the radar, they are going public today. Their mission: to end your frustrations with dumb software once and for all.

As the customer is king in business, CRM systems are king in enterprise software. According to Gartner, the CRM market has recently become the biggest enterprise software market in the world. More money is now spent on CRM than on ERP or business intelligence software.

Yet, salespeople have other things to say about CRM. Most of them consider inputting customer data in their CRM system as time wasted and as their least pleasant moment of the day. The worst part is: they usually already have this data organized for themselves in other systems, like their email client or their address book. Copying it into a CRM seems completely redundant.

It’s the end of dumb CRM software.

CRM turned upside down

To alleviate this pain, many CRMs today connect to a salesperson’s emails, calendar or phone. They pull in valuable information about customers and already eliminate some of the manual data input. This is where Salesflare’s new Intelligent Sales CRM takes a much more radical approach. It reduces time spent on data input by more than 70%.

“At every company we meet, there’s so much less sales data in the CRM than in the other cloud systems.” says Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare. “That’s why we are not pulling this data into a cloud-based CRM, but rather building a platform on top of it. It’s CRM turned upside down. For the salesperson, this means that inputting data becomes the exception rather than the rule.”

Corthout explains: “Over the last 30 years, we’ve been moving customer data from Rolodexes and paper notebooks to computer software; and then eventually to the cloud. However, while the location of the customer data has changed, salespeople are still inputting most of it manually. This is unbelievable. It is time now for an intelligent system that works for us, instead of vice versa.”

Salesflare’s one-view home screen, with an automatic to-do list, communication timeline and customer details.

Two years in the making

Salesflare is not entirely new to the market. It has been operating under the radar up till now, while intentionally avoiding a public sign up option on their website. “It’s been two years since we started developing.” says Lieven Janssen, Co-Founder and CTO. “We’ve worked in close collaboration with our early customers during this time to fully understand the intuitive interaction between salespeople and Salesflare. This way we developed a CRM that salespeople actually like to use.”

Today, Salesflare is launching publicly, offering a free trial to all through its website. At launch, the software already sports a full integration in Gmail and Outlook, mobile and tablet apps on iOS and Android, as well as a fully responsive web application. It connects with emails, calendar, phone calls, social media, company databases and the web. Combining all this, the software effectively succeeds in automating CRM for salespeople and in making it available everywhere they work.

Salesflare is available in Gmail and Outlook, Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, and as a fully responsive web app.

Kill all dumb software

Salesflare’s true focus is, however, on its intelligence layer. Janssen clarifies: “While user experience and integration in daily life are areas that need drastic improvement in current CRMs, the main vision we have for CRM is that it becomes a tool that helps salespeople sell. That’s why we’re investing heavily in the intelligence of Salesflare. We are working with universities on semantic technology and neural networks to make this happen.”

Built on top of its data pool, Salesflare’s two key intelligence features are an automatic to-do list and a widget that uncovers a team’s network to all its members. A salesperson can just open Salesflare, see what companies to contact and know via whom to contact them. Simple, yet powerful.

“Salesflare does a lot of magic in the background, but we always intend to offer this to the salesperson in an easy way,” says Janssen. “Software that is intelligent but understandable. Beautiful but clear. It takes us some more time, but it is well worth the rewards.”

Corthout concludes: “Our intention is to kill all dumb software. Life is too short to spend it with software instead of people. With this in mind, we’re rethinking software, and we’ve only just started.”

Launch details

  • Release date — Wednesday September 14th, 2016 @ 9am EST
  • Price — €30/user/month
  • Trial — 14 day free trial

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Did you know that …

  • Salesflare started after a conference. The founders got a large amount of qualified leads to follow up and close. Updating Google Sheets was painful, so was working with any CRM system they tried.
  • Using Salesflare, one salesperson can easily follow up 400 prospects concurrently without having any sales opportunity slip through the cracks.
  • The four first team members of Salesflare were all libras. Not that we believe in astrology. Libras are not the types who generally believe in these things.
  • A few investment funds use Salesflare to track their deal flow.
  • Salesflare not only reduces time spent on data input by more than 70%, it also ensures 60% fewer deals are lost in the follow-up limbo.
  • <more coming…>

Background information

About Salesflare

Salesflare is the Intelligent Sales CRM that helps you sell more with less work.

Salesflare reminds you of who you should contact, collects information on customers, logs all your customer interactions for you and gives you insight into how your team is connected to a company. It does this by surfacing data from email, phone, calendar, social media, the web, and more.

Salesflare works everywhere you work: it’s integrated in Outlook & Gmail and works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

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Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder Salesflare

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