Know Who You Know

Here’s who you emailed, met and should track

For many years now, Salesflare can help you remember to add new contacts you’ve met to their respective accounts with its “suggested contacts”.

But what if you forget to create these accounts altogether?

From today on, Salesflare can suggest you those as well.

And that’s not nearly all for this big product update… here we go! 👇

Get smart suggestions on what accounts to create

Want to make sure you add all accounts you’re in touch with to Salesflare?

We’ve got your back! 👊

Salesflare has just started crunching your data to figure out which accounts you forgot to add. It knows when you last emailed or met, how often you’ve interacted, whether the email address you’re in touch with represent a real person or not, … and then uses all that info to make smart suggestions.

Just head to your accounts and click on the new “suggestions” tab. It feels like magic 🧙

Click on the “Suggestions” tab to start exploring your personal account suggestions. 🪄

To accept an account suggestion, just click the checkmark. ✅

We’ve been testing this for a long while already on our end to get it just right, but if you’re still noticing any suggestions that seem off, let us know – we’re looking to keep improving these powerful suggestions. 💪

Filter contacts by when you last emailed or met them

Want to get a list of all accounts your team recently emailed? Or know which accounts you recently had (no) meetings with?

You can now easily filter on this.

Just hit the filter icon and look for “last email date” and “last meeting date”.

Get a list of everyone your team has emailed or met during a specific time period. 🗓️

The newly unlocked possibilities are endless. 🤯

Secure your account with two-factor authentication

If you’re logging into Salesflare with your Google or Microsoft account, you probably have two-factor authentication set up on those accounts already.

From now on, you can also add this extra layer of security when you’re logging into Salesflare straight with a username and password.

For all of you who reuse the same password on different sites, enabling two-factor authentication is highly recommended. ⚠️

Head to Settings > Sign in & Security, then flip the switch “Enable two-factor authentication”.

Enable two-factor authentication, then scan it with your favorite authenticator app 📱

Just follow the steps to a more secure Salesflare account. 🔐

Send email workflows on behalf of your team members

Also for security reasons, Salesflare did not allow you to send email workflows on behalf of your team members.

Due to popular request, we have now added the possibility for admins to do this. 🙌

Admins can now send email workflows on behalf of their team members 💌

That way, this powerful possibility is added without significant security comprises.

Enjoy Salesfare’s latest visual update

While upgrading Salesflare to the latest technology, we also try to update the application to the latest UI standards. ✨

That’s why you’ll see that from today the input fields and the action button have become more subtle, plus a series of smaller updates.

Enjoy the latest visual update ✨

Enjoy and let us know if you see anything that can still be improved!

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance in a few places, tweaked some app flows, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat on our homepage — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Manage your tags in an easier way⚡
  • An improved email finder 💌
  • More possibilities to uncover new leads 🕵

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