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While our aim at Salesflare is to make your CRM super easy to use and automated, so you actually use it, we also don’t want to compromise on its power.

That’s why you can also dig in deep and customize your fields, configure your pipelines, set up permissions, and much more.

And, from today on, you can also create any custom link you have in mind. 🚀

Trace any relationship

Want to indicate the parent account of an account? Or the main contact for an opportunity?

You can now easily create and trace any type of relationship. ✨

With 6 new types of custom fields, you can now link your contacts, accounts and opportunities to any contact(s), account(s) or user(s).

custom fields to connect entities, create links and trace relationships
Create these new types of custom fields in Settings > Customize fields by pressing the plus button. 🖱️

Need some inspiration to take full advantage of this?

Here’s a list of common possibilities:

  • Account field: “parent account”/”branch of”/”department of” an account (predefined field) 👈
  • Account field: “reseller” involved on an opportunity
  • Accounts field: “suppliers” related to an opportunity
  • Accounts field: “customers” or “affiliates” related to an account
  • Accounts field: “child accounts”/”subaccounts” of an account
  • Contact field:”main contact” for an account or opportunity (predefined field) 👈
  • Contact field:”coach” for an opportunity (role from strategic selling framework)
  • Contact field:”manager” of a contact
  • Contacts field:”involved contacts” or “stakeholders” with an opportunity
  • Contacts field:”gatekeepers”, “decision makers”, “influencers”, “product users”, and “blockers” for an opportunity (roles from strategic selling and similar frameworks)
  • User field:”owner” of a contact or account 👈
  • User field: “project manager” for an opportunity
  • Users field: “team” for an opportunity

Of course, every link to another entity is clickable, so you can easily explore all the relationships. 👇

keep influencers on an opportunity, like decision makers and gatekeepers
For example, track which contacts influence an opportunity. Then click contacts to see more. ✨

And: you can filter on it! 🤩

filter by any relationship, e.g. by parent account
Filter by any relationship, for instance by parent account 🤓

Try it out and let us know what you think! 👀

Invite teammates more easily

If you’re sending teammates an invite to Salesflare, they don’t always immediately click on the link to join the team.

Some people sign up through the site without going through the invite email or link… and create a separate team account. To solve this, Salesflare now recognizes the outstanding invite on their email address and adds them to your team anyway.

Some other people may forget to act on the invite. To avoid that you have to follow up on your teammates, Salesflare now follows up automatically via email after 3 days.

Simple changes that make it much smoother to get your team onboard. 😌

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance in a few places, tweaked some app flows, improved the data collection, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat on our homepage — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

  • A new Outlook add-in with broader support 📬
  • Future proof website tracking 🌐
  • More possibilities to uncover new leads 🕵

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