Fique por dentro de tudo

Mantenha o controle de seus clientes com mais facilidade

The best sales people are those who manage to stay on top of everything, even if they’re managing a huge pipeline (or a huge enterprise sale).

If it sometimes feels a bit hard to keep track of all the details 😓, well, that’s what Salesflare’s here to help with. 😃

Our goal is to help you track as much as possible in an automated way, so you don’t have to do this all manually. Because if you end up not doing it, you might lose crucial information.

The three new features for this month are about staying on top of things… and about filtering through that treasure trove of customer data more easily.

Here’s what’s new! 👇

Filtrar as linhas do tempo de sua conta

Deseja ver apenas as anotações na linha do tempo? Ou as reuniões?

The times of endless scrolling are over. 🎉

A nifty, little filter icon at the top right of every account timeline now allows you to filter this timeline by type of interaction: emails, internal notes, meetings, phone calls, link clicks, website visits, team updates, …

Filtre sua linha do tempo por tipo de interação com apenas alguns cliques (canto superior direito).

Try it out! 😁


Rastrear e-mails devolvidos e cancelamentos de assinatura

Deseja ver exatamente quando os e-mails são rejeitados ou cancelam a assinatura?

Head over to your campaign’s details and click on the “Failed” tab! ⚠

Check which emails bounced or got unsubscribes in the “Failed” tab.

The counting of unsubscribes and bounces will start from today. 👈


Obtenha tarefas automatizadas para inserir notas de reunião

Muitas vezes se esquece de adicionar anotações após o término da reunião? Também está perdendo os lembretes de notificação?

No worries. 👊

A partir de agora, o Salesflare também mostra uma tarefa sugerida automaticamente! Dessa forma, suas anotações estarão sempre bem salvas.

Get suggested tasks to add meeting notes, so you don’t forget.

The tasks are automatically completed when you actually add the notes. 🤖


Muitos outros aprimoramentos e correções de bugs

We fixed the bugs you reported, upped the performance significantly in some places, tweaked some app flows, and much more. As always, keep the feedback coming through the live chat — we thrive on it! 😍

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Email workflows 😲 (it’s a huge feature, so it might take a bit longer)
  • Integrate with other apps using Integromat ⚙
  • Send test emails 📨

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