Power up: filters & subscription revenue.

SaaS companies — you’ll like this CRM upgrade! 🚀

What if I told you you can now check your subscriptions in your crm?

Filter on custom fields

Have you started making custom data fields? Wish you could filter on them in any way you like?

You’re in luck! Just hit the filter button. You can now filter on all custom fields, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities. 😎

salesflare dashboard on custom field filter

Don’t have custom fields yet? Go to Settings > Customize fields. There’s a lot of different field types to choose from, so you can perfectly organize all your customer data.

At Salesflare, we use the custom fields to store usage metrics, so that we can see how our customers are doing & filter to look at segments. We also integrate fields from Intercom for more power. For more info, contact us via Intercom! 😉

Subscription revenue

Keeping track of subscription revenue for a SaaS company is not easy. Most CRMs don’t even properly support it. We were manually updating a spreadsheet ourselves… so we said “no more” and set out to solve this!

From now on you can easily track your subscriptions in Salesflare. 📈

Go to Settings > Configure pipelines and enable “Recurring revenue” on your pipeline. You’ll be able to set:

  • The expected customer lifetime of your subscriptions
  • The standard price per unit per period (for a SaaS company this is usually your monthly and annual price per user!)
  • The start and end date of the contract
  • Any one-off fees

Salesflare will automatically calculate the contract duration and the total value of the deal.

You can set all these values through the API, so that you can fully automate the data on subscriptions if you like.

At Salesflare, we fully automated all the updates to this revenue data through the API and are happy to help you set this up as well! 💪

A series of improvements and bug fixes

We improved the performance here and there, fixed the bugs you reported, seriously upgraded the API, and much more.

Keep the feedback coming — we thrive on it! 👊

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Full MRR* reporting in the Insights dashboards!
  • A new and infinitely more powerful automatic to do list
  • A totally revamped initial experience

* MRR = monthly recurring revenue

Got a question or need help? Feel free to send feedback or tweet us at @salesflare.

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