7 geweldige startups die we tegenkwamen op SLUSH 2019

en we vinden dat jullie elkaar ook moeten ontmoeten

I don’t think we’re holding the record yet (damn you local Finnish startups!), but this year we visited SLUSH in Helsinki for the fifth consecutive time.

That’s right: the fifth time fighting the cold, and of course the slush ❄️, to attend one of the biggest yet most underground startup events of the year.

We don’t go to SLUSH for the fancy banners at the entrance, although we admit they make for some great pictures. 😍

Yup, die badasses, dat waren wij. En jij misschien ook.

De belangrijkste reden waarom we naar SLUSH gaan is het netwerken. En het is niet te vergelijken.

It’s the combination of:

  • 25,000 people attending 🤯
  • een matchmaking platform waarmee je netjes door de aanwezigen kunt filteren
  • and then book efficient 30 minute meetings at one of the 330 meeting tables (or a meeting point if those are full, which we don’t recommend as it brings you back to the stress you’d have at most other events)

Mind-boggling possibilities. 😵

Wie hebben we ontmoet?

Kortom: veel interessante mensen, variërend van startups tot VC-fondsen en agentschappen.

For this list we’re focusing on startups that are making a “dent in the universe”, which we enjoyed meeting and we think you should too.

Here we go! 😁

Beamer – beam important updates to your users

So you have a software company and you’re building a lot of cool new features for your users.

You’re emailing them about it and writing about it on your blog… and then you find out that they don’t know about this, because it’s very hard to get their attention while they’re doing something else.

Why not communicate your feature updates (and other important updates) from your software product? 😏 That’s what Beamer facilitates.

Beamer kan netjes worden ingebed in je app. En als gebruikers graag wat meer ruimte hebben om te lezen, kunnen ze overschakelen naar de standalone website.

It allows you to target the right users, send notifications, gather feedback, … and of course integrate with the rest of your tool stack.

Wil je dichter bij je klanten komen?

Probeer ze eens. 🙌

Cumul.io – integrate dashboards in your SaaS

You’re still that girl or guy with the software company?

Chances exist that you have some interesting data in your software and users want to visualize it. But building dashboards is a bit too much of a hassle to fit into your feature roadmap.

Meet Cumul.io, the easiest way to add dashboards to your SaaS app. 😌

De boodschap is eenvoudig:

🎵 If you need dashboards, in your SaaS app. Who you gonna call? Cumul.io!🎵

We hope they give us some big discount for this free promotion. 😉

Typegenie – autocomplete for Zendesk

Een van de coolste toevoegingen aan Gmail in het afgelopen jaar: autocomplete aka Smart Compose.

It’s like it knows what you want to type… and it makes emailing so much quicker.

Now imagine you’re supporting customers and typing the same things over and over again. Wouldn’t you wish you had something similar at your disposal? 🧐

If you’re supporting customers using Zendesk, then you’re in luck: Typegenie brings autocomplete to Zendesk tickets.

Zo ziet het eruit:

Wil je dit? Bekijk Typegenie.

Chatvisor – get eye to eye with your customers

Veel zaken worden tegenwoordig gedaan via internet.

It brings a lot of increased efficiency, but also makes business way less personal. You can’t easily see your customers eye to eye anymore. 👀

Or can you…

Chatvisor biedt je een reeks tools waarmee je kunt zien wat je klant ziet en supergemakkelijk met hem kunt videobellen (dat laatste is een beetje zoals onze vrienden en klanten bij Crankwheel).

You can co-browse, chat live, do webcalls, … but also see what your customers see when they’re not talking with you with session recordings and heatmaps.

Want to get more personal again? You know what to do. 👈

Al Bicchiere – this dispenser makes your wine last longer

Enough about software tools for software companies. 🙃

Who loves a good glass of wine? 🍷

And who doesn’t like to throw a bottle away because it’s been open too long?

Those problems are over with Al Bicchiere’s smart – and fancy looking – wine dispenser.

Je kunt wijn tot 8x langer bewaren, dat wil zeggen tot ongeveer 6 maanden na opening.

And… you can control it with your Google Home or Alexa. 🤯 It’s not on Kickstarter yet, but I’m already a big fan.

If you’re reading this, guys, I’m happy to be a beta tester. 😍

Fenium – keep an eye on food safety

Mijn vrouw werd vorige week ziek van het eten van een geitenkaassalade.

She didn’t eat it in some scruffy restaurant. But still, she got sick.

Food safety isn’t easy. Enter Phenium.

Their software makes it much easier to keep track of all the ingredients and whether they’re still safe to eat.

No need to guess anymore. Phenium keeps an eye on it for you. 👀

Startup Sesame – better networking at tech events

SLUSH is great to meet people, but I’m sure we still missed out on a lot of opportunities to connect. We even randomly met some friends we didn’t know were there. 😬

Een evenement bijwonen kost geld en je moet de ROI maximaliseren.

Startup Sesame (een van onze tevreden klanten) wil daarvoor zorgen.

They’ll soon be launching an app that makes making the right connections at conferences much easier.

Not much has been revealed yet, but do make sure to keep an eye on them. 👈

Bonus: de organisatoren van 5 andere evenementen: 4YFN, Het volgende web, HowToWeb, SaaStock en Let op het product

As ironic as it may seem, we met the organizers of 5 different events at SLUSH… but not the organizers of SLUSH themselves. 😏

Here’s who we did meet:

  • 4YFN (Barcelona, Spanje): het startup-platform van het Mobile World Congress
  • Het volgende web (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): the magazine’s yearly tech festival
  • HowToWeb (Boekarest, Roemenië): de toonaangevende productconferentie in de MOE-regio
  • SaaStock (Dublin, Ierland): de beste conferentie in Europa voor SaaS-bedrijven
  • Let op het product (over de hele wereld): toonaangevende productconferenties en -communities op (bijna) elk continent

Mark those in your calendar if you haven’t yet! 🗓️

And if you want to visit some more events in 2020, bookmark this article on the top conferences for startups. We’re giving it an update as we speak, so it’ll soon be ready for the new year!

Heb je andere geweldige startups ontmoet op SLUSH, of misschien een ander recent evenement?

Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear who you were excited to meet. 🤩

We hopen dat je deze post leuk vond. Als je het leuk vond, vertel het dan verder!

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