Are you selling a B2B SaaS?

Salesflare will track your recurring revenue 📈

Many CRMs don’t properly support the tracking of recurring revenue or subscriptions. That’s why SaaS start-up founders usually end up keeping track of their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in a spreadsheet.

Yes, it kinda sucks… That’s why we set out to change this: you can now easily keep track of your MRR and expected deal sizes in Salesflare. 📈

How to track your SaaS revenue in Salesflare

It’s really easy:

  1. Just drag that sales opportunity to won!
  2. Set units and frequency.
  3. That’s it! 💥 The expected revenue is calculated for you.

You’ll get this nice graph:

Of course, to give you full control, there’s a few optional things you can set:

  • The close date (when you close the deal) and start date (when the subscription starts) are set to today. This is for your ease and can be changed of course.
  • The price per unit is prefilled with the standard value you specified in the settings. Can also be changed if necessary!
  • Have a set-up cost as well? No worries, there’s a “One-time value” field for this.

Salesflare got you covered 👊

Want to automate everything?

Yes, you can update EVERYTHING from the Salesflare API.

We did this ourselves and we‘re not lifting a CRM finger anymore… ☝️

Does that mean we’re lazy? Maybe 😏 What’s for sure is that we prefer to spend our time supporting you over tracking our financials!

Want to check out what it’s like?
Go to and start a free trial!

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