Superpower your relationships

Automate your emails and customers segments

It’s 2019 and Superman is still too busy fighting crime to help you build awesome relationships at scale. That’s where Salesflare comes in!

We have some great new features for you… and a goal to bring more features to you quicker. Let’s dive in 👇

Our goal: 3 lovable new features per month 😍

In 2018, we spent a lot of time making our software more mature, both in terms of infrastructure and code as well as in terms of user experience.

This greatly improved the performance and usability of Salesflare, but it also meant that we didn’t advance very fast in terms of features. That’s changing.

2019 is again all about bringing you great features. And we take it seriously.

We aim to send you one update with new features every month, bringing you at least 3 lovable new features. 😘

Here’s to the first one! 🥂

Filter your customers in any imaginable way

This one’s big 🤯

People kept asking us things like:

  • Can I make a list of contacts that have opportunities in a certain stage?
  • Can I filter my contacts by the country their account is located in?
  • Can I show opportunities for accounts that I haven’t heard in x days?
  • Can I show a list of accounts that have contacts with the role containing “founder” linked to them for which I have the phone number, but currently have no tasks linked to them nor opportunities? (yup, it gets that crazy 🤪)

All of that (and much more) is possible with our new advanced filtering functionality.

It looks like this. 👇

Filter and build segments in any way you can imagine.

It’s not just super powerful, it’s also easy to use and it’s instant. 💪

You’re now in control of your customers like never before.

Send email campaigns more easily

Sending email campaigns has been possible for quite a while now, but it wasn’t always easy. We’ve just solved that.

From now on, you can start email campaigns straight from the orange button at the bottom right.

Email campaigns are always just a click way.

After this you can easily choose your audience, powered by the advanced filtering functionality.

Easily build an audience for your email campaign.

Ready, aim, fire! 💌🚀

Send follow-up emails based on tracking

Wish you could follow up on email campaigns you sent based on how people reacted to them? You can now do it.

Send emails to and export lists of people who interacted (or not) with your campaigns.

When checking out your campaign’s results, you will now find a button “Send email” that allows you to send an email to:

  • People who have received the campaign
  • People who opened or haven’t opened the campaign
  • People who clicked or haven’t clicked on links in the campaign

Want to use these lists in another app? We’ve also added a button “Export”, which allows you to instantly export the list to a .csv or to an Excel file. 💾

Embed images in email campaigns more easily

Thought that was all? Nope.

Previously it was rather hard to embed images into email campaigns. Now it works with simple drag and drop.

Drag and drop images into email campaigns.

Just try it! 😃

Many more improvements and bug fixes

We improved the performance significantly (especially related to the advanced filtering functionality), fixed the bugs you reported, tweaked some app flows and much more.

As always, keep the feedback coming — we thrive on it!

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Send individual emails straight from Salesflare 💌
  • Add attachments to email campaigns 📎
  • Edit active email campaigns 📝
  • A better way to visualize opportunities 💲


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