10 of the Most Legendary Startups We‘ve Recently Met Up With

Uma seleção dos encontros mais legais no WebSummit, Slush e TechCrunch Disrupt.

When we go to conferences with Salesflare, it’s never for the talks. We attend to meet as many awesome startups and investors as possible.

Conferences are the best places to meet all our online friends, fans and idols in real life. And we often make new friends while we’re at it.

WebSummit, Slush and TechCrunch Disrupt were no different. And oh did we meet cool startups… Here’s a selection. 👇

#1. Voicefox: Grave e torne as chamadas de vídeo pesquisáveis

At Salesflare, we’re all about making it easier to track, streamline and automate sales for startups and small companies. Our minds were blown when we passed by the Voicefox booth at TechCrunch Disrupt. 😲

Voicefox records your video calls and turns them into valuable sales data. Who’s talking when, what’s being said, which slides are shown, … Are you trying to remember what you discussed exactly? It’s all tracked. 👇

A call recording in Voicefox = a treasure trove

The system already works with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, … and will soon support Skype as well.

É claro que existem ferramentas que já fazem algo semelhante (como Gong.io e Chorus.ai), mas a maioria delas é feita para empresas e também são bastante caras. A Voicefox torna a tecnologia de vendas por voz muito fácil e a coloca nas mãos das startups.

Just invite Voicefox as a participant to your video meeting and start recording. It’s that easy. ✨

It speaks for itself that we’re already making plans to integrate Voicefox with Salesflare. It’s most probably coming soon… 💪

#2. Sendpulse: Uma plataforma para enviar notificações por e-mail, sms e push

In this omnichannel world, there’s a ton of possibilities and channels to connect with customers. How to unlock them all easily?

Look no further: Sendpulse has what you are searching for. 👈

Você pode usar a plataforma para:

  • Enviar campanhas de e-mail em massa
  • E-mails pessoais (de sua caixa de entrada usando SMTP)
  • SMS (com um ID de remetente personalizado!)
  • E notificações push de seu site.

All from one place 😎

Já está se surpreendendo? Então dê uma olhada nisso:

Configure facilmente fluxos de automação no Sendpulse

Marketing automation doesn’t get much easier.

Also with Sendpulse we’re looking at a Salesflare integração que combina a automação de ambas as plataformas. As possibilidades são infinitas, portanto, se você tiver boas ideias, entre em contato conosco em nosso bate-papo ao vivo no site ou no aplicativo!

#3. Laboratórios Hype: Conecte telefones sem precisar de uma conexão com a Internet

One of the most annoying things about conferences is the WiFi. Try doing a few demos, chatting with people through the conference app, … it’s usually not all too reliable.

At conferences like WebSummit, with 60.000 attendees, even the conference app pulls gigabytes of data through the WiFi network. That puts a huge strain on the venue’s infrastructure.

O Hype Labs muda isso. Ele cria uma rede mesh entre telefones, de modo que coisas como a funcionalidade de bate-papo no aplicativo de conferência podem deixar de depender da infraestrutura WiFi. A comunicação flui apenas de telefone para telefone e de telefone para telefone.

Amazing. 😵

Parece que você poderia usar essa funcionalidade em seu aplicativo? Confira o SDK deles!

Tudo isso sem precisar de uma conexão com a Internet.

#4 E 5. Plynk / Cringle: Message money to your friends

At Salesflare we believe that technology is nice, but that it only gets awesome when it’s designed to be really easy to use for everyone.

Esse é exatamente o negócio em que os rapazes e moças da Plynk e da Cringle também estão.

Want to send money to your friends? Just fire up the app and make it rain. 💸

Are your friends slower at getting equipped with the newest apps? Cringle allows you to send money to these friends as well. Just fill out their bank account & phone number and their app takes care of the rest. Boom. 💥

Plynk on the other hand has been founded by one of the first employees at Facebook and recently raised €25M to conquer the market. And they sure knew how to throw a great party at WebSummit. 😏

Super easy, and free.

Which is going to be my app of choice? I don’t know yet. What’s for sure is that the payments world is up for a big revolution.

Beware you banking dinosaurs. ☄️

#6. Carbon Mobile: The lightest phone I’ve ever held in my hands

If anything, I love smartphones. 😍

When I was a student I had my own second hand cell phone business. I’d always get my hands on the latest ones, and still now I switch phones every few months.

Quando pensei que todos os telefones estavam se tornando mais do mesmo, passei aleatoriamente pelo estande da Carbon Mobile no TechCrunch Disrupt.

guy's mind being blown and jaw dropping

De repente, meu OnePlus 5 ficou pesado como um tijolo.

Paraphrasing their own words, the Carbon Model 1 is “unnaturally thin, inconceivably light, and absurdly strong”.

  • Mais leve. A caixa do telefone é totalmente feita de carbono, o que a torna inconcebivelmente luz.
  • Mais forte. Of course, carbon is not the best material to absorb shocks when your phone happens to fall. Admittedly, it’s less breakable than glass phones, but the Carbon team does not make compromises. To solve this possible issue, they made the corners out of some of the best material to absorb shocks (that includes shocks from bullets 🔫): Kevlar.
  • Mais fino. Last but not least, the casing is only 4.6mm thick, which makes it one of the thinnest phones out there (if not the thinnest right now…).

The Carbon Model 1

And if that’s not enough, the specs are great too. 10 CPU cores in this thin casing… can you believe it?

Looking for a kick-ass phone to use Salesflare on? This is the one. 👆

motioning come here

#7. Quiqup: Pick up anything you need, without leaving your couch

We all love online shopping. But then there’s these dreadful moments we still need to head to a brick and mortar shop somehow.

There we are again: queuing to get into the center of town. Finding a parking space. Paying a ton. Diving into the shopping street crowd. SO MUCH FUN. 😒

For the people of London, not anymore: they have Quiqup now! 😄

O Quiqup entrega tudo o que você quiser na porta de sua casa.

You can ping Quiqup to pick up your packages, straight from their app. Groceries, fancy shoes, … it doesn’t matter. They’ll get it.

If shops partner up, they pay part of the delivery cost for you. That way Quiqup deliveries start from just £1.50.

You’re not dreaming. 🦄

#8. Supermétricas: Uma maneira super fácil de gerar relatórios sobre suas métricas de marketing

If you’re in the SaaS business like we are at Salesflare, metrics and data are your lifeblood. 📊

Only, if you want to report on these metrics with a tool like Google Data Studio, it’s excruciatingly difficult to pull all your awesome data together.

Or so I thought — until I met the guys at Supermetrics. 🚀

Supermetrics pulls all your data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Adwords, MailChimp, Segment, Moz, …

Where have these guys been hiding? I don’t know either, but I’m happy their booth at Slush was next to our food stand of choice. 🍔

And… they had a foosball table at their booth. Our favorite Salesflare office sport. Safe to say we spent a while over there. 😏

#9. Rouxinol: Torna acessível a mineração de dados de seu sangue para um melhor diagnóstico

Healthcare is an exciting and impactful industry, but it’s also very difficult to make a breakthrough in it due to its conservative mindset.

As a biomedical engineer by education, that’s why I left healthcare. It’s way too boring.

You don’t often meet health startups that have both the disruptive potential and the potential to break through rapidly. But when I met Nightingale, I knew they had it all. 👏

Would you want to be diagnosed based on 4 biomarkers… or more than 220?

The metabolic profiling by Nightingale finally makes it really easy and accessible to gather over 50x more data from your precious blood samples. No bµ££shit — it’s backed by science.

What’s most unique about the technology is that the tests are optimized for high throughput and low cost. This opens doors for better and earlier diagnosis and more personalized healthcare. At scale.

The future of healthcare is finally here. ✨

#10. Compras: Faça compras como um morador local quando estiver viajando

For the last one in the list, I’ve selected a startup that focuses on something I’m not particularly passionate about: shopping. 🛍️

This one is for everyone who enjoys shopping on vacation, but wants to head off the tourist trail… and shop like a local.

Despite the fact that I’ve lived for six months in Milan as a student, I’d really have no idea where to send you for some real shopping. Until I met Shoparound. 😎

Por enquanto, o Shoparound está focado em Milão e Roma, mas se eu entendi bem, mais coisas estão por vir em breve.

Don’t have an iPhone to use the Shoparound app? No worries, they also have a web version at shoparound.co/shops. 👈

Espero que você também tenha gostado de descobrir essas startups!

If you were rocking WebSummit, Slush or TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin with your company and you believe you should have made this list, please, oh please, let us know! 🤗

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