7 of the coolest companies we met at Slush 2018

The Salesflare team has had a great week in Helsinki for Slush 2018! 🇫🇮

We met so many people and companies, and had a great time both inside and outside of the conference.

Salesflare had the exciting opportunity to exhibit on day two of the conference, as well as connect with peers from all over the world.

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Not surprisingly, we met with several companies who had brilliant solutions and products — which meant tons of interesting chats.

It helps that Slush feels more like a giant celebration of tech and innovation rather than just a conference. 🎉

With that said, here are seven companies that really stood out for us!

seidat at slush

1. Seidat

Seidat is a Helsinki-based company that has developed a presentation tool especially for sales and marketing presentations.

It’s a great alternative to PowerPoint, Prezi or KeyNote – by creating navigable and interactive presentations, you keep your audience awake and interested. 😍

With Seidat, you always keep your team’s presentations up to date, which allows your company to save time by using Smart Slides and by sharing your work easily by using links.


2. Payr

Payr is a Norwegian company that aims to be a next-generation payment platform empowering consumers to pay invoices in flexible and smart ways. 💸

Customers can pay any invoice using a bank account, debit or credit card or digital wallets, saving them time and money.

Payr also improves invoice payments by providing truly independent price and quality comparison, enabling simple and fast switching among providers that offer greater value to customers.

Payr is currently only available in Norway, but they have plans to expand across Europe (which is great, because I want to use this product myself!).

vibbio at slush

3. Vibbio

Vibbio is a SaaS video creation platform that empowers marketing teams and makes smart video content creation accessible, affordable and automatic. 📹

The platform is an effective solution which brings down the unit cost and time spend per video significantly, while maintaining the quality and consistent brand use that businesses expect across all publishing channels.

With Vibbio, businesses can seamlessly order branded videos, at the desired volume, tailored to a wide variety of uses. This is a great tool for startups looking to dive into creating more video content!


4. Newsadoo

Newsadoo, put simply, is an innovative news platform – but it’s certainly a breath of fresh air in today’s news climate. 🗞

The tool uses an algorithm to put news from different sources together in one place, based on the users’ preferences and topics that interest them.

The system learns from the reading behavior of the individual user and thus becomes even more accurate in offering the content users are looking for – no more clickbait! Just real, aggregated news sources.

millimetric at slush


5. Millimetric.ai

Millimetric keeps an eye on your KPIs and alerts you in real-time when unusual activity occurs. 📉

The tool helps companies empower their marketing teams with actionable insights that can help them turn issues into tasks.

You can uncover the responsible factors of business incidents with their root cause analysis and the tool integrates your data from various services, such as Google Analytics, in a few clicks.

pocket sky at slush


6. Pocket Sky

This one was a personal favorite of mine, because it really stood out among the other startups for 1. being a wearable device and 2. being all about #selfcare.

In a nutshell, Pocket Sky is a wearable device that gives you a quick boost of energy and helps you manage your sleep cycle by emitting near-natural light to your eyes whenever you need it.

This device can help fight winter blues, jet lag, an afternoon slump at work and probably dozens of other use cases that keep you away from natural light.

Especially with us being in cold and dark Helsinki during Slush, getting the chance to wear this product for a few minutes really helped my energy levels. 🙌

adlaunch at slush

7. AdLaunch

AdLaunch provides a platform that enables companies to start online video advertising quickly, reliably and on a budget.

The tool allows anyone to easily create video ads online, which saves time and resources on producing video content.

You can also conduct video A/B testing with different CTAs – so your company can see what works and what doesn’t in terms of content and messaging. Pretty cool stuff. 👍


Thank you to everyone we had the chance to meet at Slush! We’re already looking forward to next year’s edition! 🚀

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