Be in control of your CRM

A power-up for your tasks, opportunities, files and emails.

You got it, Gandalf 🧙‍

Like using your time well? 🕑

At Salesflare we want to put you in control of your CRM.

We’re offering a CRM that works for you, not the other way around. Simple yet powerful. Visual and easy. Fast and modern. And fun to use. 🕺

This product update brings us one step closer again to that vision.

We hope you enjoy it. 😍

Organize tasks & opportunities in bulk 🧙‍

If you ever have to:

  • Complete a list of suggested tasks
  • Clear a pipeline and delete its opportunities
  • Assign a series of opportunities to another owner
  • Tag a bunch of opportunities, move them to a different stage, …
  • Assign a list of tasks to a colleague

… then we got you covered. 👊

All these actions are now possible in just a few clicks.

Click the avatars or icons to enter bulk mode, then hit the checkboxes! ✅

bulk selecting opportunities in salesflare

Bulk actions were available on contacts & accounts already for a while, more about that here. 👈

Store files in a custom field 💾

You can now create specific custom fields on contacts, accounts and opportunities that can contain files.

Fields for offers, proposals, contracts, or other documentation: all files can be neatly organized the way you like it. 👌

Files custom fields support adding files by drag and drop. And you can create as many as you wish.

Mark opportunities as done ✅

Hey closer! 👋 Are your won and lost stages becoming too full?

From now on you can mark opportunities as done to remove won or lost opportunities from your view. It won’t delete them and won’t mess up your metrics.

BONUS: This is also possible in bulk! 🧙‍

Merge custom fields into email campaigns 💌

You can now merge any data you have into email campaigns.

That’s right. Any data you have can be used to personalize your emails. ✨

Undo your import 🔄

Made a mistake?

No worries. You can now hit “Delete import”. It’s that easy.

Note: It used to show the button “Delete import” already. This would be used to remove the import record, not the imported data. That’s changed now. 👍

TIP: You can also filter your contacts, accounts or opportunities on the import’s tag and clean up more selectively by bulk deleting. 💡

A series of improvements and bug fixes

We improved the performance here and there, fixed the bugs you reported, tweaked some app flows, and much more.

Some highlights amongst the many improvements we shipped:

  • See who adds or removes a colleague to/from an account 👀
  • Copy email addresses to the clipboard in one click 📋
  • Improvements to accounting, discounts and VAT charging 💱
  • Different text alignment options for the email compose screen 📃
  • Allow customers to resubscribe to email campaigns themselves 🔄

As always, keep the feedback coming — we thrive on it!

Coming up next… 🥁

  • Filter in any way you can imagine 😲
  • Drill down & act on email campaign results 💌
  • Snooze tasks faster ⏰
  • Save filters to create segments 💾
  • Import data more easily ✨
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