More ease of use, more joy

Enjoy the improvements to your favorite CRM

We’ve just gone live with a whole new Salesflare release!

This time it’s all about improving existing functionality: campaigns, tasks, reporting, internal notes, pipelines, … they all got better and easier to use.

Here’s which goodies are available to you now! 👇 (More to come very soon…)


Drill down & act on email campaign results

This new feature has been live for a bit, but we haven’t included it in any full-blown announcement yet, so here we go!

You can now super easily see who has received, opened and clicked your email campaigns… and who hasn’t. From there you can dig in further by clicking to their contact details or to the related account. 👇

Wish you could export those lists and even send follow-up emails straight from the list? We’ve got you covered: that feature is coming up next. 👊


Report on your top lead sources

Want to know what your top lead sources are? 🤔

We’ve added dedicated reporting for this to the Insights dashboard.

This enables you to easily see which acquisition channels are working for you… and which are not. 😏


Snooze tasks faster

If you’re a power user of Salesflare’s tasks, snoozing should be fast and easy. 💪

That’s why we’ve completely rebuilt the way you snooze tasks. You can now even select a custom date and time in a minimum amount of clicks.

Just click snooze and hover the “custom date and time” option to launch the date and time selector. 👆 Or select a quick option in one click.


Edit your internal notes inline

Wish you could easily edit internal notes?

Here you go! 👊

Just hit the edit button behind the three dots, edit the internal note and save (or hit enter).


Edit won & lost stages

Want to call your “Won” stage “Paid,” “Success” or something else?

Want to go all purple instead of green? Or something even fancier?

Easy as that. This was a smaller but often requested improvement.


Tri-state checkboxes

Finally, one for those who like to have their data 100%. 🤓

Salesflare now supports tri-state checkboxes / booleans, with a “true,” “false” and “unknown” state.

That means you can, for instance, make the difference between people who have not agreed to your terms (“false”) and people who haven’t agreed yet (“unknown”).


Many more improvements and bug fixes

We improved the performance significantly (check the contacts screen!), fixed the bugs you reported, tweaked some app flows and much more.

Some highlights amongst the many improvements we shipped:

  • Easily copy phone numbers 📞
  • Quicker way to reach import data & customize fields screens 🖱
  • Account name also shown on the right in the accounts screen 👀
  • An even clearer onboarding process for new users ✨

As always, keep the feedback coming — we thrive on it!


Coming up next… 🥁

  • Filter in any way you can imagine 😲
  • An easier way to send email campaigns 👈
  • Export campaign results and send follow-up emails 💌
  • Save filters to create segments 💾
  • A secret project 🤫
Jeroen Corthout